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Six Amazing Startups that Started at a Coworking Space

Every company has to start somewhere, and some of the world’s largest companies got started in a coworking space. If you’re just getting started with your business and feel like you’ve got an uphill climb ahead of you, rest assured that many successful, global companies have been in your shoes before. Here, we’re going to cover six startups that started in a coworking space that are now worth billions.

by Fireworksfly Work • 01/08/2019
Coworking community
Seven Ways to Build a Community in Coworking Spaces

The idea behind a co-working space is to understand and demonstrate the power of collaboration, cooperation, and social connection. According to the Global Workspace Association, co-working professionals ‘come for the space but stay for the people.’

by Fireworksfly Work • 12/10/2018
7 Hidden Features Coworking
Seven Hidden Must-Have Features in a Creative Coworking Space

When you are considering a co-working space, specifically a creative co-working space, you want a few options. Of course, you’ll love the large format printer or photo studio but there are some must have hidden features that every co-working space needs.

by Fireworksfly Work • 11/01/2018