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Virtual Mail

Receive mail from virtually anywhere.

Virtual Mailbox Pricing

Enjoy a dedicated business address in the heart of Marietta. We’ll notify you when your virtual mail is received, and then you can let us know to scan, forward, recycle, or shred it for you, so you can stay on top of your mail from wherever you are. Take a look at our plans below to see what works best for your business.

Virtual Mail Spark


Virtual Mail Plus


Virtual Mail Premium


NOTE: Google My Business listing is only available with a Dedicated Desk or Private Office membership.

Be Part of a Co·Work·ing Community

You can divide the coworking industry into two general camps: those who say coworking is about real estate, and those who say coworking is about community. We fall firmly in the latter camp. FireWorks is about so much more than just the physical space, though we believe we have awesome space too.

At its best, coworking deepens your knowledge of and appreciation for other fields of work, ties you into the local community and economy, and powerfully impacts your mental health. We’ve seen members regularly celebrate each other’s work wins, collaborate on projects, deepen friendships, and even hire each other. Come for the space – stay for the community.

Meeting Room Special Offer October 2023 Updated Meeting Room Special Offer October 2023