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Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

Tired of toting a backpack everywhere? Dedicated desks have all the perks of a collaborative, open space, but with a spot to keep your monitors, papers, and anything else that helps you do your best work.
$399 per month
(5 credit hours included)
  • Ergonomic task chair
  • Lockable file storage
  • Dimmable task lamp
  • 24/7 access
  • Coffee bar
  • Free B&W printing
  • Fiber optic Wi-Fi
  • Private phone booth rooms
  • 5 hours meeting room time each month: Can be used for small (5-person) meeting room, large (12-person) meeting room or podcast studio.
  • Mail Service. We’re a certified commercial mail receiving agency and will gladly collect all your mail and packages for you. $10/mo
  • Large-format color printing | $.20 per square inch
  • Color printing | professionally calibrated color on premium paper. $.59 per page for letter size. $.89 per page for tabloid size.
  • Wired ethernet | for a super-fast, super-stable connection. $10/mo.

Explore More Office Spaces

If you’re an on-the-go entrepreneur who likes working alongside other innovators, this is for you. Just plug in.

Just steps away from our open collaborative space, but with a little more privacy and space to personalize, these one-person offices pack a punch. These one person offices pack a punch, with privacy, space to personalize, and easy access to collaborative and meeting spaces.

Perfect for a growing team, these furnished industrial-chic offices are airy and spacious, but still boast plenty of privacy. Can be configured for 1-3 people.

This gorgeous brick-walled office can be configured for 3-6 people. Ideal for a close-knit team on the road to great things. Starts at $1749 per month for 3-4 people, then $100 per additional person up to 6 total.

We’ve partnered with a well equipped off-site photo studio conveniently located a mile away from FireWorks.

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Do you have a larger team or need a custom bundle? Get in touch and our team will find a perfect fit for you!