Has your favorite musician ever released a song that they made with another great musician? Did it blow your mind? There’s a beautiful and powerful phenomenon that occurs when talented individuals, who can do great things on their own, come together in a common desire to create. 

Proximity propels their talents to new heights- encouraging, inspiring, and energizing one another to produce something greater than they thought possible. This, to me, is the true power behind collaboration, and it’s why I believe coworking to be the perfect office option for creatives. 

Collaboration at FireWorks

Our office space is filled with incredible members who are all experts in their own right, and working in proximity to one another has helped them learn from, work with, and excel alongside one another. 

One example of this is when four extremely talented independent freelancers – Matt Head (composer), Steve Allen (producer), MJ Whitaker (editor/animator), and Korry Richards (graphic designer) decided to go in on an office space together. Since joining FireWorks, they’ve formed Studio Approach, a multidisciplinary design studio, so they can collaborate and achieve new heights together. 

We’re also so grateful to have music industry geniuses Yudu Gray Jr and Davina Thomas as community members. They’re passionate about mentorship and pouring into the next generation of creatives with everything from the business side of things to creative direction.  When they were in the process of launching their first podcast out of FireWorks podcast studio, (go check out A Podcast About Nothing) they met Kevin Cruz through another member in the space, and he’s since become their go-to video guy.

These sorts of connections happen every day at FireWorks. Our members’ passion for what they do spills over into how they interact with the people around them. They’re generous with their time, their knowledge, and their kindness. We couldn’t ask for more from a creative community.

Marietta’s Creative Scene

Additionally, being just blocks from the Marietta Square, we have tons of exposure to Marietta’s vibrant art community, like Trailfest and Art Walk. This is an incredible source of inspiration for our members who are designers, animators, copywriters, editors, and videographers. 

Here at Fireworks, we know that creativity is hard work, which is why we are dedicated to cultivating a creative community which fosters mutual inspiration and collaboration among our members. When you work in a beautiful space that encourages an exchange of thoughts with others, you’d be surprised how quickly bright ideas begin to flow.

A Common Energy

Afternoon slumps can hit hard, especially if you’ve been working on a computer or attending virtual meetings all day. It can sometimes be difficult to break through the monotony and gain motivation. However, when you have a friend by your side, someone you can talk to, or joke and relax or go for a walk with, suddenly the world around you looks a little less gray. 

It’s as if there’s a communal energy that permeates and contributes to our mindset. It helps us focus, helps us achieve, and keeps us in a good state of being – all because there are people around us. 

Now It’s no secret that some work better when there’s no one around, but the beauty of coworking spaces is that you can have access to both. Even if you’re working from your own private Micro Office or Executive Office, you’ll benefit from the energy of an artistic, community-centered workspace without having to sacrifice personal workspace or privacy. Any time you’ve hit a wall or need a mental break, community and creativity is right outside your door.

What if I’m not a creative professional?

We’ve got news for you – you’re probably more creative than you realize! Don’t let anybody fool you; If you’re an entrepreneur or small-business owner then you utilize your creative brain on a daily basis. Building a company from the ground up requires a tremendous amount of imagination, innovation, and problem-solving. 

Even if you wouldn’t characterize yourself as “a creative” FireWorks is a place where anybody with an idea and a plan to make it happen can find support and flourish. And who knows? Maybe surrounding yourself with artistically gifted people will inspire you to explore new ways of growing your business.

If it sounds too good to be true, come see for yourself! We’d love to show you around and figure out how we here at FireWorks can help you fly.

This blog post was written by our awesome summer intern, Blake Chaput, and edited by our community manager, Hannah Mostellar. We’re so thankful for the energy and collaborative spirit the Blake brings to the FireWorks community!