FireWorks Studio


Everything you need to let your creative sparks fly.

Why Rent Studio Space?

Chances are you’ve got a few great ideas for a podcast but don’t know where to start. Or, you’re tired of turning your living room upside down every time you want to snap a few photos for your business. Having the necessary equipment and dedicated studio space can be huge barriers to entry for small business owners. We love when creative ideas come to life want to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running.

Podcast Studio

It seems like everyone we talk to these days has a great idea for a podcast, but so few people actually make it happen. That’s why we built our podcast studio. 

For just $40/hour, you get full access to top-of-the-line RODE® equipment in our acoustic studio. We’ve taken care of all the little details, like sourcing the best microphones, headphones, and keeping all the adapters you might need handy, so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life.


Q. How many people can record? 
A. We have microphones and headsets for two people, but our mixer can fit up to four. If you have your own equipment you want to bring along to squeeze a couple more people in, go right ahead.

Q. Do I need an SD card?
A. Yes! A micro SD card, to be exact. Here’s one for only $8

Q. Can I come tour the studio before I record?
A. Absolutely! Schedule a tour of FireWorks now. Just be sure to tell our community manager that you’re interested in the podcast studio and they’ll get all your burning questions answered.

Q. How can I play my intro music and sound effects?
A. It’s super easy. You can plug your phone right into the studio mixer, no need to add it after the fact.

Q. Can someone call into the recording?
For sure. We have a headphone jack (with an adapter for iPhones® devices) that plugs right into the mixer.

Flex Studio

When we say we’re a creative coworking space, it isn’t just lip service. With our 600-square-foot multi-use studio space, we take an “if you can dream it, you can do it” approach. 

This space is most often used as a photo studio and is equipped with professional lighting, green screens, and other backdrops for a seamless shooting surface, but don’t let that hold you back. We think it’s also a great place to host workshops, art classes, even a yoga or mindfulness session for $50/hr.

Ready to book a studio?