Everyone deserves to “find their tribe”, so to speak. Even if we work alone, it’s nice to work alongside people that we enjoy and relate to, to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.

As the coworking industry grows and more niche spaces open up, there are more and more opportunities for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and work-from-home-ers to find a space that meets their specific needs. There are coworking communities designed for dog-lovers, tech startups, women, lawyers, wellness experts, and more. All of these spaces go to show that who we work with matters just as much as where we work. There truly is no “one size fits all” when it comes to workspace.

Here at FireWorks, we’re proud to run a coworking space specifically designed with creative entrepreneurs in mind. With backgrounds firmly in the creative world (design and marketing, respectively), our founders Sonny and Rob bring a heartfulness and authenticity to our space and the interactions that happen in it.

Sonny and Rob co-founded Lighthouse Marketing on the heels of the 1996 Olympics. They know exactly the pressures and challenges that face creative professionals, because they’ve stood in those very same shoes for decades.

You’ll find this to be the case across all small, independently owned coworking spaces. They each have a feel that can’t be replicated because they reflect the unique community they encompass.

Here are a few things that we’ve learned – and we love – about our creative coworking space and the brilliant creative minds who choose to work here…

Perks of Creative Coworking Spaces: Expansive Pool of Resources

Let’s be real, it takes a lot of gear to do most creative things. Expensive camera equipment, software subscriptions, and frequent runs to the print shop all take their toll on a small business. This is even more frustrating when you shell out cash for things you only ever use rarely. When scoping out a coworking space, keep an eye out for shared resources that you’ll have access to.

As a example, some of our members used to have their own full cyc wall, but found that it wasn’t worth the upkeep for how rarely they needed it and that it was too much hassle to rent out to other people while still running their own (totally separate) business. They happily traded that setup for a team office in our space with access to our shared photo/flex studio. We keep the photo studio stocked with multiple backdrops and softbox lighting, so all you need to bring is a camera and you’re good to go.

FireWorks also has a large format printer and graphic production grade printer stocked with all the sizes and weights of paper you could possibly want, so you don’t need to run to the print shop before every client meeting. Your time is valuable, and the less of it you spend wrestling with a printer, the better.

The podcast world is also booming right now, but having the necessary equipment to create a clear, crisp recording is a huge barrier to entry for many people. I’ve been known to turn off podcasts after a few minutes because I just couldn’t handle the poor recording quality. Being able to book our professionally equipped podcast studio right from your phone means you can start that podcast you’ve been daydreaming about.

For creative entrepreneurs trying to make it on their own, any of these resources might be on a “nice to have” list, but not make financial sense to upkeep just for your own usage. By teaming up with a community of other people in creative fields, you’ll enjoy the perks of creative coworking spaces and be able to grow your core business or side hustle faster than you could if going it alone.

Birds of a Feather

Beyond tangible resources, one of the best parts of creative coworking spaces is being able to pick the brains of other people in your field, without having to schedule those awkward “let’s grab coffee” meetings. Our members are always popping their heads into each other’s offices to ask for feedback or advice from someone who knows their stuff.

This helps combat the “echo chamber” problem that so many members tell me about. Because creative work often involves one person sitting at a computer for an extended period of time, it’s easy to get stuck in your head, asking, “Am I crazy?”, and “Does this look good?” Creative coworking spaces make it easy to get a trustworthy second opinion.

Coworking spaces talk a lot about collaboration, too. This is all well and good, but if you’re a video editor and your desk neighbor is a lawyer, those opportunities for collaborative work will likely be few and far between. When you choose to surround yourself with other creatives, it adds depth to your work, grows your network, and greatly increases your chances of making real, meaningful connections with the people around you.

We haven’t even had our doors open a full year, and we’ve already seen members collaborate with and hire each other countless times. That’s the power of bringing like-minded people into the same room; they go further together. It makes our day and it’s exactly why we’re here.

Community Over Competition

Sometimes we get questions about our members being competitive with each other, since there’s so many people working similar fields here. The answer we love to give is a resounding “no”!

There’s a spirit of pulling each other higher here, and I think it has something to do with the opt-in nature of coworking spaces. The people who work here have the option to work literally anywhere else. By choosing to be a member at FireWorks, they’re saying yes to an environment that is supportive, mutual, and cooperative. They recognize that they need and want people around them to help them grow. We’re all just getting better together.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with a community of brilliant, supportive, wildly creative people, we’ve got just the spot for you. Reach out to our team to schedule a tour of your next work-space-home.