Teaching is a calling, a personal conviction that inspires educators with a desire to help children grow and succeed in life. Like many “callings” and, in spite of its importance, teaching is not generally a highly paid profession. Full-time teachers often must find ways to fill in the financial gaps by taking side gigs, not just in the summer when school’s out but throughout the year.

The flexibility the Internet makes possible and the profusion of secondary income opportunities available in the gig economy make it much easier to find a side job in your niche, one which fits within your year-round schedule and helps solidify your financial position. With that goal in mind, check out these ideas brought to you by FireWorks:

Language skills

As a teacher, you have communication and language skills that a great many people don’t possess. There are lots of opportunities to generate an ongoing secondary income using those skills.

There’s always a need for people who can teach English as a second language (ESL) to immigrants and foreign students. ESL is taught in formal classroom settings or on a one-on-one tutorial basis. Community centers or local colleges often have openings for ESL instructors. You might find it suits you. And maintaining classroom discipline won’t be a problem, as these students usually have a vested interest in learning the material and becoming conversant in English.

Test prep

High school students who have a hard time in English or composition classes need help preparing for the ACT or SAT. You can find teaching opportunities with national and local companies that teach young students how to get ready to take these tests, which are so important to young people seeking admission to colleges and universities. You might even find future tutoring clients.

Summer school

Summer school: Two words that fill students with dread. Yet as much as kids would rather be swimming or running around with friends, they need to learn the material to perform better when school resumes in the fall. That gives full-time teachers a ready-made opportunity to make an income teaching summer school, and possibly beyond if you find students you can continue to tutor throughout the year—something Free Spirit notes is a lifesaver for struggling students.

Pet sitter/dog watcher

It doesn’t have anything to do with your vocation and skill set, but if you love animals and enjoy being around them consider becoming a pet sitter or dog walker as a side gig. It’s a great second income option because a growing number of professionals are choosing to keep their furry friends with someone who can care for and play with them during the workweek and take them for daily walks.

You’ll need enough room to house dogs and cats and a backyard or nearby outdoor space where your canine clients can get some exercise. It’s a flexible opportunity: Establish a set number of clients, or continue to grow as your time and space allow.

Write resumes

If you’re a teacher, you know how to present information in a coherent and engaging fashion. That qualifies you as a resume writer and editor, someone who can help job seekers online or in person. Check out WriterBay or ResumeEdge for available opportunities. It may be worth reviewing the key points of writing an effective resume because some sites will give you a brief test to gauge your ability and interest level. If you elect to work on a freelance basis, consider using free apps to help you manage your business finances.

Make it legal

Whatever direction you decide to take, there is one detail you shouldn’t overlook, and that’s registering your new venture. Along with that is selecting a business structure; many startups opt for an LLC since it allows for future growth. And, as the name implies, it protects your personal assets should someone sue you. You can establish a Georgia LLC easily through an online service.

Teachers have many valuable and marketable skills, especially in the gig economy. And your skills will make it easier to find work you can fit around your schedule all year. The entrepreneurial folks at FireWorks are no strangers to the side hustle. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded go-getters to support you while you get your side business off the ground, we’d love for you to check our our membership options.

Many thanks to Joyce Wilson of TeacherSpark for guest writing this blog post. Image courtesy of Pexels.