The future of working from home is now starting to normalize a “third realm”. What I mean by that is, there is a shift, a transition if you will that has created a place that is not the office, but definitely not home. We call it CoWorking, and it could be the key to making your work-day experience better for YOU.

I recently visited a few local coworking locations near the Marietta- Atlanta area and found more than I expected. More creativity, more enthusiasm, more light, and more productivity than I had ever experienced in my old traditional office setting, and to be honest it took me aback.

So, I asked my fellow coworkers for their tips on how coworking has improved their work ethic and productivity.

Here is some of what they had to say.

1. The Routine/ work-life balance

One of the most significant benefits of coworking for most people is that they were able to easily establish a work-life balance, especially through COVID-19. Whether you’re remote working out of town (or whatever the reason) coworking offers a sense of routine to help you balance your work and personal life.

Remember that establishing and maintaining a routine for yourself is just as important as establishing one for your child (or fur-child- I’m here for it.) Think about how they tend to react when you deviate from that schedule. Your mental is just as important if not more because if you lose your routine everyone else seems to lose theirs too.

2. The Personal Freedom

Without the physical confines of a traditional office, being able to focus on your own wants and needs as not only an employee but also a human being has never been so accessible.

Being able to make “travel the world” a part of your job description is easy now with more coworking spaces becoming locally accessible. There are even coliving spaces specifically designed for the adventurous entrepreneur, inviting like-minded individuals to come and cowork together without ever having to leave their team house.

3. Comfortability

FireWorks Coworking Chill Spot Hammock Comfortability
FireWorks Chill Spot Hammock Comfortability

You can’t focus if you’re not comfortable, and if you’re not focusing, you’re probably not getting much work done. The biggest key to being a successful remote worker is being able to focus on the task at hand efficiently. In an effort to alleviate the discomfort that comes with a cubical, most coworking spaces come with some sort of “alternative seating” to keep things fresh no matter where you sit.

These include everything from high-top tables to hammocks. Lunch booths and collab nooks are also popular “alt” seating. When you cowork you have the personal freedom to take that walk to clear your mind, go to the zen center and work how YOU want to work.

4. Helps Reduce Burnout

Coworking Shuffle Board Table Helps Reduce Burnout
Shuffle Board Table Helps Reduce Burnout

It is no secret that most people don’t just LOVE their jobs (well maybe I do…), but you can love where you work. Because coworking is notoriously aimed at start-ups and creative freelancers, many spaces have been specifically designed to invoke creativity by using things like shuffleboard, interactive member events, in-house restaurants, and even the opportunity to colive with your like-minded coworkers.

Another notable way that coworking has been proven to reduce burnout is to collaborate with your coworkers and create a sense of community within the space. It can be refreshing to listen to others talk about their issues with work to get your mind off of your own. Once you come back, you often are able to solve the problem because of a reset of getting out of your own head.

5. Proximity Privilege

When you cowork, you decide how far you want to commute. Whether it’s right down the road or across the state, the expanding world of coworking will be there for you. No matter why you decided to cowork (get out of the house, or you’re traveling for work) the scenic route or just a block away could be your new reality. You never have to commute an hour away again (unless you want to ;))

Not only is coworking the path to finding your creative freedom, but also a way of reintroducing yourself to the day-to-day work life without feeling dominated by anyone telling you how you should work. Work your own way, create your own path, and determine your own business the way you want. Coworking should leave you feeling accomplished, and determined to work harder at the things that you love.

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