How to Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent

How to Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent?

by Courtney S. • 06/05/2022

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for the best photography studio space to get your perfect shoot? With so many easily accessible locations to choose from, it can become an overwhelming process. Every space comes with a different vibe, and with various amenities trying to pull you in it can be easy to lose sight […]

The Value Of Community In The Rapidly Growing Coworking Industry

The Value Of Community In The Rapidly Growing Coworking Industry

by Courtney S. • 05/06/2022

THE COWORKING COMMUNITY There is a common misconception swirling around in the coworking world right now, and I am here to set the record straight. A lot of people think that the only point of coworking is to one get out of the house and into a more professional work environment. While that is a […]

Creativity Breeds Creativity

Creativity Breeds Creativity

by Fireworksfly Work • 06/28/2021

Has your favorite musician ever released a song that they made with another great musician? Did it blow your mind? There’s a beautiful and powerful phenomenon that occurs when talented individuals, who can do great things on their own, come together in a common desire to create.  Proximity propels their talents to new heights- encouraging, […]

How to Find Side Jobs and Gigs for Teachers in Marietta

How to Find Side Jobs and Gigs for Teachers in Marietta

by Fireworksfly Work • 01/26/2021

Teaching is a calling, a personal conviction that inspires educators with a desire to help children grow and succeed in life. Like many “callings” and, in spite of its importance, teaching is not generally a highly paid profession. Full-time teachers often must find ways to fill in the financial gaps by taking side gigs, not […]

coworking team office

Perks of Creative Coworking Spaces

by Fireworksfly Work • 11/05/2020

Everyone deserves to “find their tribe”, so to speak. Even if we work alone, it’s nice to work alongside people that we enjoy and relate to, to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. As the coworking industry grows and more niche spaces open up, there are more and more opportunities for freelancers, […]

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Why Graphic Designers Thrive in Coworking Spaces

by Fireworksfly Work • 09/18/2020

With shared office spaces increasingly dominating the commercial real estate scene, it’s no secret that the coworking life works for lots and lots of people. Step into any coworking space and you’ll find a wide range of professions, like graphic designers, accountants, counselors, writers, analysts, photographers, and more. These groups are all attracted to different […]

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How a Coworking Space Can Jump-Start a Graphic Design Business

by Fireworksfly Work • 03/29/2019

You might not think that where you work matters. However, the research is out there and it proves that interacting with others is good for creatives like graphic designers. One way to define creativity is the ability to combine ideas. When you work in a coworking space you get just that, a variety of ideas that can spark something new!