Have you been trying to find a space that fits your needs but haven’t come across anything that checks all of the right boxes? This is a more common issue than you might think but don’t worry, I am here to help you. 

One of the biggest issues with finding the right space is making sure that you are searching for the right keywords. While most professionals gravitate towards simply searching for “meeting rooms near me” (even I’m guilty of this one). This is most likely not going to be beneficial in helping you find exactly the type of spot you are looking for and I’m here to tell you why.

While it is smart to familiarize yourself with your surrounding area, especially when working with a team where commute distance can play a defining factor, remember, what might be the most adjacent may not be the best fit for your needs. Because of this, it is important to break away from the standard words such as “meeting rooms” and “near me” and take a closer look at what you’re looking for when renting a space. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Most coworking spaces are specifically designed for multi-purpose use. This means that most spaces are specifically tailored to provide multi-functional nooks and rooms throughout their area because of the diversity of talent and skills that can be found throughout it. With that being said, with the right keywords and familiarity, you may realize that your ideal location has been hiding in your backyard under a different alias all this time. 

In this article, I will be detailing a few of the most overlooked but highly important aspects of the common coworking space and how you can utilize it to accommodate even the most unconventional of needs. 

Your “Niche” Room 

Your “Niche” Room

While FireWorks has a Podcast Room, this could be anything from an exercise room to a quick nap pod. Whichever niche your chosen space is aiming to cater to, I promise it is much more versatile than you think. These rooms are arguably one of the most incredible amenities available to our members due to their versatility. These spaces can often be doubled as a phone booth (well talk more about these gems in a little), or a quiet room for reflection. alternatively rooms can also be repurposed into something different altogether such as a meditation or prayer room and can even become a lactation station for new and expectant mothers’. The Niche Room regularly redefines its usage to accommodate its user (much like we do here at FireWorks coworking.) and that versatility is the greatest beauty of all. 

Your Alternative Seating Spot

Your Alternative Seating SpotOne of the coolest parts about working out of a coworking space is not having to be tied to a desk for 8 hours straight. Almost every space has some sort of alternative seating, be it a hammock nook at FireWorks Coworking, or the outdoor work areas located at Alkaloid Networks. These unique spaces come fully equipped with the necessary means for the conventional workday in an unconventional location. The special thing about the freedom to move about the space as you please is that it increases your productivity by allowing your mind to engage with more than the three walls surrounding your cubicle.

Your Conference Room

Your ultimate collab-sesh space. Most spaces have more than one and tend to vary in size to comfortably accommodate you and your team. Of course, these bookable rooms are your perfect go-to spot for private meetings and zoom calls, but did you know that there is a huge range of other ways that you can utilize this space? From photo and video shoots to lunch and learns and demo days, the versatility of your chosen spaces is virtually endless depending on your space requirements. With a magnitude of options provided through the Atlanta Coworking Alliance, the opportunities to show off your content and skills to your team in a space that represents you and your brand should feel effortless. To foster this ease, inform your space managers of the intention of your meeting and we will do what we can to make sure that you always feel like the star of the show every time you step into your chosen room.

Your Phone Booth

This is not a FireWorks-specific amenity the majority of coworking spaces offer a personal-sized acoustically sound space that is designed with the remote worker in mind. These booths usually come power-ready and oftentimes have air circulation and lighting features making for the perfect quick phone call location. Like many of the other spaces we have discovered today, the phone booth can also double as a quiet room, or reflection space even though these possibilities are not a part of their main purpose. While these booths are very convenient, be sure to ask your community manager about their booking policies as they tend to vary per space. 

Your Kitchen or Water Cooler break room

Your Kitchen or Water Cooler break room

This may seem like a mundane space where you get your caffeine fix and water refills, but did you know that the kitchen within your space is the number one most networked spot within any coworking location? The reason behind this is that people gravitate towards this space in the office when they need time to step back and take a break from their meetings and let off some steam. This room humanizes your fellow coworkers in a way that the previous spaces cannot. The majority of the spaces we have talked about have all been about ways to find privacy in a space that was meant for collaboration but what for those who come to a space specifically to network? The kitchen is more than a lunch spot, it’s a creative hub, a collaborative area, and your next open-door opportunity into the minds of your fellow coworkers… who could turn that up?

There you have it my top 5 unexpected spots within every coworking space that YOU should be taking advantage of. Next time you find yourself in a space, remember that every aspect of your experience has been carefully curated to assist you. We encourage you to explore every nook and cranny of your newfound home, you never know what you might discover.