How to Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent

How to Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent?

by Courtney S. • 06/05/2022

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for the best photography studio space to get your perfect shoot? With so many easily accessible locations to choose from, it can become an overwhelming process. Every space comes with a different vibe, and with various amenities trying to pull you in it can be easy to lose sight […]

The Value Of Community In The Rapidly Growing Coworking Industry

The Value Of Community In The Rapidly Growing Coworking Industry

by Courtney S. • 05/06/2022

THE COWORKING COMMUNITY There is a common misconception swirling around in the coworking world right now, and I am here to set the record straight. A lot of people think that the only point of coworking is to one get out of the house and into a more professional work environment. While that is a […]

Marietta Square

Spring Activities You Must Try Around Marietta, GA

by Courtney S. • 03/01/2022

FIREWORKS SPRING ACTIVITIES Finally, the weather is starting to warm, and flowers are beginning to bloom. with that being said, I want to share with you the FireWorks guide for the most exciting places to experience spring activities in Marietta. Like a butterfly, the city transforms from a somber town into a vibrant community as […]

What We Love About Our Community

What We Love About Our Community

by Courtney S. • 02/01/2022

    With the first month of the new year having come and gone, so many people are working hard to keep their New Year’s resolutions on track while steadily looking toward the upcoming year. With that being said, I think we should take a moment to look back and highlight some of the things […]

Creativity Breeds Creativity

Creativity Breeds Creativity

by Fireworksfly Work • 06/28/2021

Has your favorite musician ever released a song that they made with another great musician? Did it blow your mind? There’s a beautiful and powerful phenomenon that occurs when talented individuals, who can do great things on their own, come together in a common desire to create.  Proximity propels their talents to new heights- encouraging, […]

Productivity Hack: Taking Walks is Good for Your Brain

Productivity Hack: Taking Walks is Good for Your Brain

by Fireworksfly Work • 04/23/2021

At a winter wellness seminar we held at FireWorks a couple years back, I shared my wellness goal to take more walks. Since then, it’s not unusual for one of the amazing members at FireWorks to pop by my desk and ask, “Have you been taking your walks, Han?” This kind of thoughtfulness is one […]

pavilion on marietta square decked out in holiday garland and lights

Local Businesses to Support in Marietta This Holiday Season

by Fireworksfly Work • 12/10/2020

2020 has taken an extreme toll on small businesses. Because of that, there’s never been a better or more important time to shop locally. Marietta has some excellent options for everyone on your gift list this holiday season. We’ve rounded up some a gift guide, featuring some of our favorite local businesses to help you […]

coworking team office

Perks of Creative Coworking Spaces

by Fireworksfly Work • 11/05/2020

Everyone deserves to “find their tribe”, so to speak. Even if we work alone, it’s nice to work alongside people that we enjoy and relate to, to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. As the coworking industry grows and more niche spaces open up, there are more and more opportunities for freelancers, […]

Covid Safety Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Precautions

by Fireworksfly Work • 09/08/2020

Coronavirus lockdown made one thing clear: we’ll never take the office for granted again. We’re so glad to have our doors open again and are doing everything we can to take the stress out of going back to the office, so you can relax and get work done. Here’s some covid-19 safety guidelines and precautions […]

Table with a laptop

What Coronavirus is Teaching Me About Community

by Fireworksfly Work • 05/05/2020

Friends, I have a confession to make: I am a homebody who hates working from home. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lovely home that’s full of plants, lots of natural light, and an excellent snack scene – all the things that coworking spaces advertise – but it’s a poor substitute for the sweet, inspiring, vibrant people you’ll normally find at FireWorks. I really miss my people.