Here at FireWorks, we love welcoming people in for meetings. Most groups are looking for off-site meeting space in Marietta that fits a tangible need – either their team members are spread out across the city and they want to meet somewhere in the middle, their office doesn’t have the right size of meeting room, or something else along those lines.

Whatever the reason they booked a room at FireWorks, people consistently tell me how much value their company got out of the experience. Now, we’re not here to toot our own horn (though we do have beautiful meeting rooms, if we do say so ourselves). There’s something inherently valuable about switching up your routine and getting outside of your normal four walls.

With 2020 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get ahead on your annual planning and goal setting. Here’s a rundown of a few of the biggest benefits you’ll get out of using a meeting room in a shared workspace:

Minimize Distractions

When you’re in your everyday office space, it’s so hard to truly detach from everything else on your to-do list. Well-intentioned employees pop their heads in with a message or quick question, meeting-goers jump out to reply to emails, and other distractions make the meeting drag on for longer than it really should.

Given all these distractions, it’s clear how simply getting out of your office space, you’ll be so much more productive. Beyond that, coworking spaces are designed to help people work well, so you can trust that our meeting rooms are as distraction free as possible.

Maximize Efficiency

When you reserve a meeting room at a coworking space, the reservation is set for a specified amount of time. Often, there will be groups meeting before and after you. Having a firm, scheduled meeting time can motivate your team to stay on topic and knock things out in record time.

Boost Morale

It’s no secret that people love perks. Employees will appreciate a break from their normal routines and feeling like you went out of your way to make the experience special. Catering a meal or snacks for your meeting group will go a long way towards making them feel valued.

Additionally, booking a room off-site will get your team excited to explore a different neighborhood from where they usually work. It’s a great way to boost your appreciation for the city you work in and the community you serve.

Encourage Honest Feedback

It may be counterintuitive, but so many studies have shown that people are more willing to talk about what happens at the office when they’re not actually at the office.

If you’ve hit a wall on a project and need to think more creatively or are discussing a sensitive topic with your team, taking a meeting off-site will help your team feel more comfortable “discussing things with you.

Now is the perfect time to get some strategic planning done for the year ahead. Reserve a meeting room at FireWorks here or reach out to our team to let us know how we can best meet your meeting space needs!