If you didn’t know already, we love all things Marietta. The city’s second annual Mountain to River Trailfest is coming up on May 11. If you’re not already familiar, M2R Trailfest is a celebration of Marietta’s art scene, with murals, installations, and live performers spread out along the trail for an all-day festival.

There’ll be lots of things to do and art to ogle this weekend, but here are a few ideas to get you outside and enjoying the M2R Trail on any old day.

Make your own art walk.

If you’re wondering who’s behind all the fresh murals that have popped up around the Marietta Square lately, look no further than the Marietta Arts Council.

These murals are created especially for Trailfest, but many stay up year-round. You’ll find them tucked away on and around the trail.

It’s like a scavenger hunt but for refined adults who appreciate public art.

Fend off FOMO.*

There’s been so much buzz about the newly opened Marietta Square Market. If you haven’t already been, hop to it. Grab a bite from any of their 17 incredible restaurants and continue your way down the trail.

Tip! Bike to the market on the Mountain to River Trail so you don’t have to worry about parking.
*fear of missing out

Schedule a puppy playdate.

Tucked away on Campbell Hill Street, Lewis Park’s dog park is the perfect spot for your furry friend to let out some energy.

The park is, of course, great for humans, too. With huge, shady trees, a playground, and tennis courts, it’s easy to lose track of time at this neighborhood gem.

Discover your new favorite drink.

The geniuses behind the bar at Two Birds are always coming up with new creations that blow our minds. Hold your judgement and try the brussels sprouts on their happy hour menu; you won’t be sorry.

Surprise someone with flowers.

If you haven’t already fallen in love with neighborhood coffee & pastry shop, Sessions Stand, consider this your warning.

Local floral designer, Dianthus & Co., drops off the most beautiful bouquets at the stand weekly. We think they’re the perfect gift for celebrations and pick-me-ups alike.

While you’re picking up flowers, we dare you to resist Sessions Stand’s chocolate croissant; it’s the size of your face and the flakiest thing ever (in a really good way).

Watch the sunset from way up high.

Sure, you could just hike Kennesaw Mountain. Or, you could hike the mountain at sunset. It’s equal parts inspiring, romantic, and adventurous. Bonus points for packing a picnic.

Get some work done.

Because not every day can be a leisurely Saturday, grab a day pass at FireWorks Coworking (we’ll be open later this month!!) to knock out a few hours of work. The M2R trail runs right through our front yard, so you can step back out into the sunshine whenever you please.

We’ve got ultra-fast and stable Wi-Fi, excellent coffee, and comfy chairs for you to settle into. Give us a shout to schedule your free day of coworking!