You’ve nailed down a coworking space, and they’ll cover the essentials to get you started. Fresh coffee, free Wi-Fi, and a dedicated workspace are almost always guaranteed. But to make the most of your coworking experience, you can’t show up empty handed. No matter how temporary the space is for your business, adding your own personal touch will inspire you to do your best work.

If you’re ready to move in to your new coworking area, be sure to bring the following 10 items when you start working to set your business up for success.

1. Your Computer is Essential in a New Coworking Space

Bringing your own laptop and monitor is likely a given, but some new tenants assume computers are provided. By setting up a legitimate workspace with a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you’re more likely to be productive.

2. The Classic Notepad and Pen for the Best Brainstorming

In today’s digital day and age, sometimes the best brainstorming comes from handwritten notes. Because most workers today can type quickly, they document every thought that comes to mind. Since writing is more manual, you’re less likely to write down everything, and your handwritten notes will capture only critical ideas.

3. You Won’t Get Far Without Chargers

One of the worst feelings is showing up to a meeting or long day of work, only to realize you left your charger at home. Whether it’s for your phone or laptop, your charger is the life source — literally — to get work done. If you’re especially forgetful, you might want to buy an extra charger and cord to keep in your coworking space to prevent a possible setback.

4. Pack Your Headphones for a Quiet Coworking Space

Due to open floorplans, a coworking space can be distracting for some. There’s constant chatter at surrounding desks and the kitchen. Almost all workers drown out the noise by bringing their own headphones. Whether you have noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds, bring your pair to keep you focused.

5. Don’t Forget Your Go-To Snacks

A great coworking space company should provide snacks. However, some workers find it best for them to have their own designated space for snacks – be it a drawer or basket at their desk. By having your own stash, you can feel right at home and save yourself a trip to the kitchen, vending machine, or store.

6. Personal Items for Your Workspace

Speaking of feeling at home, one of the best ways to get comfortable in your new space is to bring pictures, plants, or other items that help you relax. From family pictures to action figures, pack your space with items that put a smile on your face and encourage you to do your best work.

7. Soften Your Space with a Lamp

Harsh overhead lighting is common in an office setting. In fact, it can lead to migraine headaches, especially with workers staring at the contrast of their computers all day. Consider placing a lamp at your desk to soften the lighting in your area.

8. Do You Like a Hot or Cold Work Area?

After a few days in your new office, you’ll get a good idea of the temperature. While 70 to 73 keeps some workers cool, this same range can have others sweating. If you’re cold natured, consider bringing your own blanket, a dedicated jacket for the office, and/or a small heater. For those that like to keep it cool, pack a clip-on fan to attach to your desk.

9. Anything to Keep Your Breath Fresh

One of the best parts of being in a coworking space is the networking opportunities it presents. However, your neighbors won’t appreciate being able to smell the garlic knots you had for lunch. Keep a few items handy to help you freshen up your mouth, like a toothbrush, mints, or gum.

10. Don’t Forget Business Cards

With all that networking, you’re bound to find other professionals who could use your services and vice versa. This is one reason why people thrive in a coworking space. Be sure to keep a stack of business cards handy for when your fellow coworkers ask for your contact information. They may need to keep it for their own reference or to pass along to another professional on your behalf.

If you’re still looking for a coworking space, FireWorks is located right off the Marietta Square. Our convenient location and free amenities make our space irresistible to professionals in a variety of industries. Contact us today to schedule a tour!