Coworking spaces have risen to popularity in the last few years. Initially, they were attractive to new young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups because of the lower costs. Today the demand for coworking spaces has grown to the point that you can get a space that fits your needs, instead of settling for a rent-a-suite experience.

Recent studies have proven that employees and workers thrive surprisingly well in a coworking space. In fact, some people even report feeling more motivated to work in a coworking area as compared to a regular office. The diversity of these membership-based workspaces is a huge plus for intentional workers who want to network and build their contacts.

Why You Will Love Working in a Coworking Space

There are three main advantages of working in a coworking space that research suggests will allow you to thrive.

1. Coworking helps people find meaning in their work:

There is a feeling of independence and empowerment that comes with being able to set your own schedule. A coworking space usually houses a large number of freelancers from different industries. All of them choose the projects that interest them and work at the same place every day without causing any interference.

Since coworking spaces have people from different fields and companies, there isn’t a rat race which they have to ace. The lack of direct competition helps people focus on the work at hand. Everyone feels like they can be themselves, which also helps strengthen their work identity. Coworking saves you from monotony.

Moreover, coworking is based on cultural principles that promote togetherness. Since there are workers available from different fields, you can enlist different kinds of talents to help in your work. The distinctive skill sets of the community members can serve as a massive advantage.

The coworking movement is all about the pillars of the community, learning, collaboration, and sustainability. When people are working in such a space, they feel like they are making an important mark in a social movement.

The key is the independence plus togetherness. Something that you can’t find working from home or working in a controlled office.

2. There is more freedom:

It’s one thing to have independence on what you work on; it’s an entirely different thing to have that same freedom on when and where you work. Regular offices are usually bound to a rigid code of rules that workers have to follow –rom what to wear, when to eat, and when to be in the office. They do not allow a lot of freedom to workers when it comes to time management. Young, enthusiastic freelancers do not like to be bound by such regulations. On the other hand, coworking spaces give them free reign over their time. These spaces can be accessed 24/7. If someone wants to work longer because of upcoming deadlines, they can do so without causing a problem for anybody else. On the other hand, if someone wants to take a break and enjoy some time on their own, they can leave whenever they want.

A coworking space is usually very large in size which means that people are able to find their own corners where they feel comfortable. While some people prefer quiet spaces where they are not disturbed at all, others like to sit among everybody and work because the collaborative efforts appeal to them.

3. Belonging in a community improves the quality of work:

It may sound repetitive, but the strength of coworking is “independence plus togetherness.”

Being able to develop close connections with people from different walks of life is a huge benefit offered by coworking spaces. The opportunity to collaborate and get fresh ideas is one that should not be missed.

Each coworking space exudes a different vibe, and that is part of the reason why people love coworking. They feel like they have been embraced by a small but exclusive community who bond with each other both on personal and professional levels. Managers usually make a lot of effort to ensure that the space feels comfortable for every worker.

There is no forced interaction because socialization is not a compulsory activity. However, everyone knows there is someone they can turn to if they feel the need. Some coworking spaces also include separate kitchens and community rooms where people can gather together.

Coworking spaces combine an effective work environment and an enjoyable work experience into one.

The best part about working in a coworking space is that people can bring their authentic selves to the table. They have the necessary independence to ensure that their productivity does not dip. This best-of-both-worlds experience is not commonly offered by traditional offices.