When you are considering a coworking space, specifically a creative coworking space, you want a few options. Of course, you’ll love the large-format printer or photo studio, but there are some must-have hidden features that every coworking space needs.


This post almost led with plants, but you’d never notice the plants if you didn’t have coffee It’s probably impossible to miss coffee, so it can’t really be hidden, but it’s definitely a must-have, so we included it.

To make sure that your productivity remains unaffected by hunger pangs, we have built a coffee and snack bar that is easily accessible from all parts of the workspace. You can drop in for quick refreshments any time you want.


Give it a chance. Plants are most likely the most underrated décor item in a space and yet might have the biggest impact. Plants, like sunlight, have the power of increasing your working capacity. Just having greenery around can create a serene environment that will reduce your stress over time. Research shows that plants can soothe and restore the efficiency of our minds when they are drained of energy.

Inspiring Décor

We put a lot of thought into decorating the workspace so that it catches the imagination of everyone who chooses to work here. Not only have we experimented with different textures, but we have also created a unique color palette with a healthy mix of neutrals and bold colors. We have tried to highlight the best features and hide the not so great ones through the color scheme. A bright and warm workspace feels welcoming, which helps people adjust faster. The paintings on the wall are meant to be symbols of our company’s identity.

24/7 Access

You will no longer have to adhere to rigid work schedules if you choose to work with us. We understand that creativity and inspiration cannot be timed. As a result, we prefer to give you 24/7 access to your workspace once you are a member. There are no catches. You can come work in the dead of night if that helps your creative process.

Super Fast Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it becomes challenging to work without a proper internet connection. With us, you do not have to rely on shoddy cable broadband connections that do not give you the efficiency you want. Our fiber optic Wi-Fi is very fast – 500 mbps fast – you can work at your own pace without having to worry about bottlenecks.

Quality Networking

We believe that the beauty of a shared space lies in the wide communication network that it nurtures. It’s one of the reasons people thrive in co-working environments. You can head to our common rooms at any point of the day to socialize and make a few friends without feeling guilty. The contacts you build might prove to be useful in the near future.

Flexible Options

We have a variety of workstations to offer so that you do not have to settle for anything less than what you want. The membership fees vary for each of them depending on the features you want. You have the following options:

  • Spark Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Studio Workstation
  • Micro Office
  • Executive Office
  • Large Office
  • Team Office

To see our creative coworking space in Marietta, schedule a tour!