4 Ideas to Bond with Your Team in a Co-working Space
Four Ideas to Bond with Your Team in a Coworking Space

In a sea of emerging co-working spaces, offices need to harbor a sense of community naturally weaved into its integral structure to provide experiences rather than just facilities. Communities thrive when they are built on cohesive networks, and to stand out as an ideal workspace, the experiences your co-working space provides must take root in the form of activities that enable members to establish healthy bonds.

by Hannah Mostellar • February 26, 2019
How Introverts and Extroverts Function in a Coworking Space

Chemicals and science dictate how humans behave in social situations, and each individual’s brain is built differently. Extroverts for example, possess a low sensitivity to dopamine, and vice versa for introverts. This sensitivity decides their level of stimulation and hence behavior, in response to various external stimuli.

by Hannah Mostellar • February 19, 2019
Six Amazing Startups that Started at a Coworking Space

Every company has to start somewhere, and some of the world’s largest companies got started in a coworking space. If you’re just getting started with your business and feel like you’ve got an uphill climb ahead of you, rest assured that many successful, global companies have been in your shoes before. Here, we’re going to cover six startups that started in a coworking space that are now worth billions.

by Hannah Mostellar • January 8, 2019