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Why Graphic Designers Thrive in Coworking Spaces

by Hannah Mostellar • September 18, 2020

With shared office spaces increasingly dominating the commercial real estate scene, it’s no secret that the coworking life works for lots and lots of people. Step into any coworking space and you’ll find a wide range of professions, like accountants, counselors, writers, analysts, photographers, and more. These groups are all attracted to different aspects of […]

Covid Safety Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Precautions

by Hannah Mostellar • September 8, 2020

Coronavirus lockdown made one thing clear: we’ll never take the office for granted again. We’re so glad to have our doors open again and are doing everything we can to take the stress out of going back to the office, so you can relax and get work done. Here’s what we’ve done and are doing […]