How to Make That Side Hustle Feel a Little Bit More Professional

by Hannah Mostellar • December 28, 2018

If you’re a part of the ever-growing population that doesn’t love their 9-5 job, it’s likely you’ve considered or embarked on a side gig. Typically, what people find themselves doing after hours is what they’re passionate about, and bringing in the additional cash doesn’t hurt, either.  

fireworks collaboration

A New Way to Work in Marietta: FireWorks Coworking is Opening Early 2019

by Hannah Mostellar • December 27, 2018

FireWorks Coworking is opening its doors in downtown Marietta, GA early 2019, and we can hardly wait to meet you! Here are a few things you should know about us.

coworking soffice space

Why Coworking Is Gaining Popularity Over Traditional Offices

by Hannah Mostellar • December 20, 2018

Co-working spaces have become a common sight in recent years – spanning across metropolises, providing the increasingly independence-minded youth, the freedom and flexibility that aligns with their schedules.

Coworking community

Seven Ways to Build a Community in Coworking Spaces

by Hannah Mostellar • December 10, 2018

The idea behind a co-working space is to understand and demonstrate the power of collaboration, cooperation, and social connection. According to the Global Workspace Association, co-working professionals ‘come for the space but stay for the people.’